Friday, February 8, 2008

Drug Resistant Staph Stinks!

Hi everyone,


I had surgery earlier today. It came totally out of the blue, and in fact, I was perfectly fine and healthy only one week ago. But last weekend I I started getting little red spots on both of my legs. One of the spots on my calf was becoming sore last Sunday. And all of the sudden last night it grew to a palm sized infected spot, with a scary white center.


Last year, I went through a battle with MRSA, drug-resistant staph. But this was on my other leg, and I completed all of the drugs that the Infectious Disease specialist doctor had prescribed. Thanks to my beautiful wife, who made sure I went back to the Infectious Disease clinic (I was just going to see my regular doctor). They acted so quickly. They numbed me up and removed the infected sore. And so, here I am back home and on the mend.


The doctor told me that it is very difficult to completely remove drug-resistant staph. So I am on antibiotics for now. But she also mentioned that there is a great deal of progress being made. And because it has come back for me, they will start some of these new treatments to see if the MRSA can be totally removed. So until then, your prayers are coveted and appreciated.


Bryan & Meggan said...

we will be praying

edward oleander said...


I hope you are continuing to improve!!!! That MRSA is scary stuff indeed... We are starting to see cases of it down at Detox, so it has been much on our minds lately...

I would strongly recommend that you switch over to meats only from animals NOT treated with antibiotics.

At the risk of continued divine frowning and toe-tapping, I send you my thoughts and even prayers...


tom wolff said...

Thanks Bryan, Ed and everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. A quick update. They almost threw me in the hospital on Monday because I needed some quick loosening of the areas around my wound to prevent it from entering into my bloodstream. But the doctor decided to wait until he saw me today/Wednesday, and everything looked much better in today's exam.

I am glad it didn't develop into further complications, and I am thankful to God for keeping me from this. The antibiotic looks to be working, and so I will keep up with the course of treatment for the next 10 days before I see my doctor again. Thanks again.