Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Fun Bible Study on the End Times

Here is a Bible Study I put together on the subject of what does the Bible say must take place before our Lord Jesus Christ's Second Coming. This is the kind of Bible Study I like – you look up one or two verses that looks for only piece of information. If there is a clamor, I'll provide my answers. Otherwise, have fun looking up the verses that teach us what is to precede the Second Coming. My hope is that you will see that our Lord's return can occur more quickly than we expect, and we need to be prepared. Here is the Bible Study on what prophesied events are to take place before Jesus' return:



First, did Jesus say He would return?

Read John 14:1-:3, and Acts 1:9-:11. Does God's Word say that Jesus will return one day? _____________________________________________________;

Read John 14:6. If Jesus does not return, can we rightly say that Jesus is "the truth"? Do you believe Jesus will return one day? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Read 2 Peter 3:8-:9. Why hasn't Jesus returned before now?___________________________________________________________________________




List the different events that are prophesied in God's Word to take place before Jesus' return:


2 Thess. 2:3-:4 - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

2 Thess. 2:8-:10 - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Matt. 23:37-:39 - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Romans 11:23-:26 - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Luke 21:24 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Acts 1:8 - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Matt. 24:14 - _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

2 Thess. 2:7 - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

1 Timothy 4:1-:5 – ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

2 Timothy 3:1-10 – ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Jude 16-19 - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

2 Peter 3:3-:4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Luke 18:8 - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

Rev. 6:11 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________;.


Read 2 Thess. 2:7 and 1 John 2:18. Do you think these verses show that the events spoken of could be viewed as having been faced by the Church in the past, as well as today? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


Many verses in the New Testament say that the coming of our Lord Jesus is "at hand". As an example, see, James 5:7-:9 and 1 Peter 4:7.


How should we be living our lives given that our Lord's return is imminent?


Matt. 24:42, 25:13 - _______________________________________________________________________________________________________;

1 Thess. 4:1-:8 - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;

2 Peter 3:10-13 - ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________;



What will you do, or stop doing today, if you know He returns tomorrow?



edward oleander said...

To answer your last question first: If I had utter proof (no faith needed) that the Christian God was coming to Earth tomorrow, I would become a Christian. Who wouldn't?

And I mean that literally. Given the appearance of Jesus and angels, coupled with lots of people either erupting from the ground or sailing up into the sky, who wouldn't become a convert right then and there?

Which brings up a side issue: Skepticism... Now we all know that Jesus wants us to take himself and God on faith, but he did say, "Blessed are those who have seen, and believed..." Doesn't that sort of imply that it's okay NOT to believe until one has seen (i.e. been presented personally acceptable proof)? And does this not further imply that conversion upon actually seeing the returned Christ would qualify one for grace?

While I can't help thinking that this somehow qualifies as armchair lawyering, I have heard this arguement for many years among my non-religious friends. What says the group?

Tom, I have a purely mental exercise that belongs at the end of your Bible lesson: If I could provide utter proof (no faith needed) that Odin was coming to Earth tomorrow, what would YOU do? Show your work. :-P


edward oleander said...


All of these posts about the End Times brings up some questions for you and the other Christians here.

You're all going to say these are silly ideas and can't possibly happen, so why bother, but humor me please... and please don't be shocked or offended, as it is NOT meant to do either... I am trying to sort out some recent possible flashes of insight...

Scenario #1: Let's say that tomorrow, a totally mad, evil genius develops a virus that only kills Christians and is 100% fatal. Within weeks, ALL Christians in the world are gone, and none convert to take their place.

Scenario #2: Born of seeing "Dr. Strangelove" the other night, Nuclear fallout or the scientist from Scenario #1 kills EVERY human on Earth in a very short timeframe.

Could either of these scenarios fit within Biblical prophecy and if not, how would each of you see the End Times as being affected if there were no Christians alive or no humans at all left alive?


edward oleander said...

I hope you know me well enough to be certain that my Odin question, although worded cheeky, was NOT meant to incense anyone by equating Odin to your God. Many outside the religious communities would not even understand your objection, but I can at least see your concern, and no offense was meant...

ps: Any thoughts yet on my second post?