Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Airplane Day!

Happy Airplane Day to my sweet oldest daughter of whom I am very proud. What is Airplane Day, you may ask. 13 years ago our family started with the arrival of this precious little girl at the airport. She was almost eight (8) months old at the time she arrived. As soon as I held her, she let out a big scream. But she settled into her Mother's arms so soundly, so peacefully, right from the start. We had dozens of people there to meet our loved daughter, and to support us. It is one of the best memories I have in my life. So please join me in wishing our oldest daughter a Happy Airplane Day.


And last night shows what a remarkable young woman she is, and is becoming. She collected six (6) different academic awards last night at her junior high school (thanks to my Mom and Dad for being there.) She is someone who we expect great things from in the future. She is a hard worker, smart, and the kindest heart you have ever seen. Thanks be to God for bringing this treasure into our lives.


Anonymous said...

Happy Airplane Day Asia!

Uncle Bill

Bryan & Meggan said...

I remember that day well so many years ago! Happy Airplane Day Asia!


Anonymous said...

thanks dad! wow a whole blog page all about me! awesome! thanks for making the day so special and for the gift card! Thanks to all!


Anonymous said...

I love you Asia! Yes we are VERY proud of you. It is your kind and loving heart I love the best about you. You are always willing to help anyone in need.

Edward Oleander said...

Asia, you deserve one more award... The one that always falls to the oldest child... The Parent-Training Lifetime Achievement Award! By training your Ma & Da in the fine art of Parenting, you have made the world a safer place for your siblings!

Seriously, HUGE congrats on all the academics!!! Your folks have always been so proud of you, and so are the rest of us!

...and Happy Airplane Day!
ps: Airplane Day also happens to be mine and Mel's wedding anniversary; yesterday was our 20th...

Anonymous said...

congrats Ed on the marrige! that's pretty cool! Thanksfor all the compliments! and the hug!?
Thanks to all for everything!
God Bless and much love,