Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Music I’m Listening to.

Music I'm Listening to. I've been enjoying going through all of my old CD's and trying to organize my music on my Zune to see what CD's I've forgotten. I now have 344 albums, 3,498 songs, which takes up just slightly over 22 gigabytes of my Zune. I'm impressed by how much my music player can hold.


Here are a few of my favorite songs / albums that I'm enjoying:


  • Party Starter – 80's Mix. I picked up this little gem at Target. It has a couple of songs from such 80's stalwarts as Katrina and the Waves, the Knack, and Culture Club; But it also has fun party songs like Whip It (from Devo), 867-5309 (Tommy Tutone), and the original Go Go's version of We've the Beat. It also has such classic party stalwarts as Walk Like an Egyptian (Bangles), Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Wang Chung), and Take on Me (Ah-Ha). If you wanted to start with one 80's party CD, a great place to start is this little gem;


  • RCA Records – 1st Note in Black Music. Wow, only by going through all of my CD's did I realize that I had this great collection. My favorite is the 3rd CD which starts with Harry Belafonte's 'Day-O', the Isley Brothers' 'Shout!' (now I see why Otis Day and the Knights did their song in Animal House like they did), Nina Simone's 'To Be Young, Gifted and Black', all the way through The Fresh Prince's 'Parents Just Don't Understand'. I love this one!;


  • Anything by Chris Isaak. I picked up 'Heart Shaped World' at Half Price Bookstore for $4. I only had it on cassette before, and having it on CD is like having a new album. But this has caused me to listen to his other great stuff too – love him!;


  • Favorite Song – 'American Storm' by Bob Seger. I also picked up 'Live Bullet', which gave me fond memories of playing cosom hockey in Beanie's basement. But 'American Storm' is something special. Mr. Seger getting socially relevant singing about the California drug culture in the 70's and 80's. Can you beat these lyrics?:


…You face a wall of mirrors.

You charge them at full speed.

You cover up, you hear the shattering glass,

But you never bleed…


  • I've also picked up some of the most recent (2007 releases) Christian heavy-weights' albums – Casting Crowns ('Altar and the Door'), Mercy Me ('All That I Am'), and Steven Curtis Chapman ('This Moment'). I love Mercy Me's 'God With Us', but the whole album is so God-glorifying, I give it an unqualified recommendation to anyone. But it was SCC's album that surprised me the most. It is very easy to listen to, catchy, fun. And yes, his Cinderella song makes me get a little misty every time I listen to it. I haven't heard anything on Casting Crowns' album that has struck me yet. Which surprises me, as this was the CD I was most looking forward to when I bought it.


Anyone else enjoying some good music? I'd enjoy hearing from you.

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Bryan & Meggan said...

Unfortunately, being a student in L.A. means it is tough to keep a fresh music collection (too expensive). However, I can say that we seem to always enjoy the music that Sovereign Grace puts out. Good quality music with deep theology - can't be beat!