Saturday, November 21, 2009

Odds n’ Ends (16)

Hi anyone who still checks in on my Blog posting. It was nice having highs in the 50's today, and I was able to get a few more leaves up from our lawn. This Odds n' Ends should have a little something for everyone. So let's get started:

1).    Buy Your Burial Casket/Urn at Walmart. See Here. It seems like an industry to get into with inexpensive funeral caskets or urns. Is anyone else scared that Walmart is going to take over the world? I found the article from the Internet Monk website (see sidebar).

2).    Big Bang Machine Blows Itself Up.

3).    Now a story to make the Pre-Tribbers out there craaaaazzzzzy! The European Union has created a new post, called the "President of Europe". No, it's not an elected position. No, former British Prime Minister was not given this post. No, the first person to hold this position (Belgium Prime Minister Herman van Rompuy) is a relative unknown. And yes, this is a historic move. The Pre-Tribbers see this as another fulfillment of end-times prophecy, because of what they see as the importance of Europe during the last days.. Here's the story:

4).    Ah, those romantic Darwinists. Now we know why people kiss – it's to spread our germs! Article is here.

5).    First time home buyers in Dakota County get loans at record low rates: The article is here.

6).    Do you want to get a job at Google? Then you would have to answer some really strange questions, like how many golf balls will fit in a bus. And how much would you charge to wash all of the windows in Seattle. If you want to see the other questions, here is the link: And they also provide at the end the answers and the reasons why this sort of question is being asked of Google job applicants.


Edward Oleander said...

Hi Tom,

I read this one weeks ago, but haven't got around to responding until now...

1) Caskets at Wal-Mart... Adds a whole new dimension of of very creepy odd to an already disgustingly weird industry. I despise the mortuary industry, and the way they prey on the grieving (and vulnerable) families who feel like they have no alternatives to these money sucking pigs. Guess that makes it a perfect fit for Wal-Mart...

2) Particle accelerators and baguettes just don't mix. The Hadron Collider is up and running, and now 100% bread-free!

3) Tempest in a teapot. Europe is not really any closer to a single government than they were in 1946. Making trade and travel easier hasn't really changed the geopolitical undercurrents. 3000 years of feeling superior to each other won't be undone soon. The whole situation will, however, be a great chance for some the church's more extreme foamers to don their tinfoil hats and charge into the streets screaming, "The End is near!"

4) And here you Christians thought kissing was merely a tool of the Devil to enable those wicked women to continue tempting us pure-hearted men into Sin...

5) There is just no excuse to rent anymore... What a market!

6) One of the side effects of working in the world of Psych is that this made perfect sense to me. It is a positively brilliant interview tactic. If I am ever so unfortunate as to find myself in management, I will revisit this, and use it... But it would be totally wrong for most low-level service industry jobs where thinking is more of a detriment, except for weeding out the over-qualified...

I have to admit that you manage to dig up some remarkably offbeat stuff... You might consider a new blog called The Good, The Bad, and the Really, Really, Odd...

Hope to see you on Fri/Sat!

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