Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Miracle of Healing

Praise God Who is a Living God, and Who cares about our troubles. Today's post is my testimony of a healing that has taken place, all glory to God:

I have been battling MRSA / drug-resistant staph for several years. It came back again this past February, with an infection on the back of my left calf. I had three lumps, one of which was opened up by a surgeon at my Clinic. The Clinic's physicians put me first on one anti-biotic to treat the infection, and then a second anti-biotic. The second anti-biotic helped a bit, but by the time the prescription ended a week ago Friday, my left leg was already swollen to one-third again the size of my right leg. Last weekend I was discouraged, and I felt crappy / nauseous, with an upset stomach. The swelling was increasing, and I know from my previous experience with MRSA, that once my leg swells and the lumps appear, that in short order the lumps will spread and grow in size quickly.

So I went last Sunday to our Church (Hosanna in Lakeville) and attended the Alpha course of which I am a table leader. I went to the Leader's prayer meeting beforehand, and the Alpha Facilitator asked if anyone had a bad week, and when no one else raised their hand, I raised my hand. Approximately eight other Alpha leaders came around me to pray for me. All I said when they asked what they could pray for me was "health". And they prayed for my health.

That night I felt fine, but I didn't think anything special happened. But something strange happened. I kept going to the bathroom. And going, and going. I had previously scheduled an appointment for this past Tuesday with an Infectious Disease Specialist to take a look at my MRSA, and get me on the right medicine to fight my leg infection. But by this appointment my lumps were gone. The swelling of my left leg was gone. And after examining my whole body, my doctor said that "there was no active infection" in my body. The MRSA was gone!

God healed me by answering the prayers of those friends, and family who prayed for me. He also answered the prayers of those Alpha leaders who prayed for me this past Sunday. I love seeing God's miraculous answer to prayer, and I want to sing His praises for what He has done to help me. Thank You Lord for healing me through the answer of prayer. In Christ's name I give this testimony, Amen.


Edward Oleander said...

Sorry to hear it got you again, but glad it's back in remission.

I'm going to ask a doctor friend of mine about the extra trips to the bathroom. See if he knows any connection between that and your immune system.

Regarding God curing you... Doesn't He bear culpability for the creation of MRSA in the first place? Please don't say Free Will, because we all know that dog won't hunt.

Bill said...


That is great news! Praise God! This is a great faith story, thanks for sharing it.


tom wolff said...

Thanks Bill and Ed for your kind wishes on my healing.

Is God responsible for creating a world where there is diseases like MRSA? Yes. What do you think you are entitled to live in a perfect world? No, every day that I have health, and a job, and a home and family, is a great gift of happiness. To also have God's grace, forgiveness, and my salvation makes this happiness even greater. And to add on a direct example of God's indiviudal love of me through His healing touch - it is so amazing, so cool!

Edward Oleander said...

"What do you think you are entitled to live in a perfect world? "

I would ask God, "What right did YOU have to place me in an imperfect one?"

The world we have is one I would expect to arise form evolution. Evolution in a larger sense that goes all the way back to the Big Bang.

The world we have is NOT one I would expect from a god who is all-powerful and all-loving. Just ask that baby antelope being eaten alive by the crocodile over there, or the billions of people who don't have the health, homes, jobs, and families we enjoy. THEY have every right to question God, and expect an answer.


ps: Is the Pope a Christian? Show your work.

tom wolff said...

Ed would ask God: what right do You have to place me in an imperfect world?

Your question reminds me of a response by GK Chesterton when asked what is wrong with the world. He wrote:

Dear Sirs,

I am.

Sincerely yours,
G. K. Chesterton