Friday, July 16, 2010

New Computer Issues

I'm sorry that I haven't posted recently. I am transferring files from my old computer to the new one, and one of the issues I am having trouble with is blog posting. Well, here is my attempt at a post:

It's been an eventful past month – Asia hanging out with a friend who is a boy; Asia coming home from a friend's house, and a couple of middle aged guys stalk / harass her (she was fortunate enough to get away from them.) And Asia's new friend sat down with me and asked 'permission' from me to ask her out on a date (wow!, this was a cool kid.) We've seen the movies Twilight, Marmaduke, Despicable Me, and Airbender in the last 6 weeks. Oh, and yes, we have a new pet dog in our house, Humphrey the Great Dane mix. Don't ask…don't ask how this could happen.

Work is going well. We are healthy. We are down to 1 puppy. And we will be going on vacation to brother and sister's cabin soon. I'm looking to seeing family and having some time off. Well, let's see if I can really post this… Here goes nothing.

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