Saturday, November 6, 2010

Retreat Today

Hi everyone,

My wife and I are attending a Holy Spirit Retreat today at Hosanna church. We are hosting an Alpha group, and so we would appreciate your prayers for our time at this retreat. Also, please remember my Mom who has pain in her side, and will not be able to see a doctor until Tuesday. Here is my prayer that God's Power connects to the needs of our Alpha guests. /s/Tom

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tom wolff said...

Hi everyone, here is our quick update from Saturday. It was two new (new to me, that is) teachers preach on the Holy Spirit Saturday. It was great, and our group members were all asking great questions. My favorite scene was where 2 sisters were talking about how scary the gift of speaking in tongues was. And the older sister said she was going to pray that the younger sister be given the gift of tongues. To make the family holidays more interesting. Lol!

We did have 1 group member pray committing her life to Christ, that Jesus is her Lord and Savior, and inviting the Holy Spirit to come and seal her decision. All glory to God for His Kingdom expanding by 1 more person. And I was there to pray with her - so COOL!