Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Fall of Christian Evangelicism?

Check out this post from the 'Internet Monk':

I thought it was a scary analysis for the Christian Church in America. Added to the Church's problems is sin in the leadership, and what seems to be the absence of the Holy Spirit. If you have comments, I'd love to hear from you.

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Edward Oleander said...

I didn't look to see if parts 2 & 3 were out there yet, but so far it sounds like Chicken Little to me.

At least when Han Solo said, "I gotta bad feeling about this," he had something to work with. The iMonk states right at the beginning that this is based on nothing.

It seems this could be headed one of two ways, depending on how cynically you want to look at it.

The Low-Cyn approach is that Spencer is truly depressed about the state of Christianity today. The churches, especially the RC, have been getting lots of bad press in a time when people seem to be flocking to secularism. His later posts will be a call to reform, which might lead to a re-awakening for the churches in general.

The High-Cyn version is that the later posts will become a Rally-'Round-the-Cross cry. Several times in the past few years we have seen important religious figures go on TV and proclaim that there is an "attack" on Christianity underway by those evil secularists and their thrice-damned insistence on religious freedom, and the separation of church and State. The rants about the "war on Christmas" are a fine example.

So what it will come down to is where he thinks the enemy to be fought is. If it's internal to the Christian church, then the "former glory" he may actually be trying to restore to the church is it's spiritual value to the world. If the enemies are predominantly external, then the "former glory" is more about the Christian church regaining it's influence and power in the secular world.